This is a post of all my drawings I have done that are completed and about Anime ^^ You’d be surprised at how little I draw xD *Click images for better quality*

So starting from oldest to most recent, this was a drawing I did about 2-3 years ago, was me and an Ex-girlfriend ^^

Again, 2-3 years ago, was into pokemon a lot back then (not the series just the game) thanks to the DS. This was a hybrid between my 2 favorite legendaries, Ho-Oh and Articuno. Loved Ho-Oh’s design but also liked Articuno’s colors, so I decided to put them together ^^

About 2 years ago, long story lol ^^ Was in a drawing community and for some reason they drew a lot of dogs/wolves ‘o’ so I decided to join the crowd (just like today’s silly bands xD) it was supposed to be me and my wolf form, really liked how it turned out but I don’t like the idea of drawing animals, some people draw like half animal and human, something I CAN’T stand! >< There’s me also me in the corner for anybody that cares, though I came out darker than I thought xD (I’m tan but not burnt tan)

Something you should’ve already saw, drew about a month ago

Drew this about a week and a half ago. This was for a challenge about twins, I originally was just gonna have Lexy (left) as an OC for an Anime I want to do (Yes I want to make an anime ^^) but the challenge inspired me to give her a twin, Lance (right) ^^ though the coloring is sloppy, I really screwed up on the table on paper(real deal) so decided to edit it in some cheap program, came out better than I thought, also added some color to the BG to make it more interesting ^^

WHOA! Big jump in terms of quality/media ^^
This was a drawing I made a few days ago for a challenge on theOtaku. I recently downloaded Sai (fan made ver.) and decided to put my newbie skills to the test. Was a little challenging and time consuming getting used to the tools and layers(never done anything digitally) but found some tutorials that helped me get adjusted ^^

This is Noctis from the upcoming FF versus XIII game. Not bad for having no experience in Sai, let alone any other editing program ^^ Wish I had a tablet though, would be 10x better than using my stupid mouse >< But I think I may start making all my drawings digitally since 1. its cheaper than buying materials and 2. it looks more pro and better overall than what I’m currently using.

But that’s it!…yup only 6 completed drawings that I’ve done over the span of 3 years xD Though I’ve doodled a ton but it’s only been character designs and random boredness. I’m not really a fan of drawing too much. but I’ve only recently gotten more into it because I’m having fun drawing OC’s, digital also is pretty fun, especially once you’ve finished it xD but the dream of having an Anime (could care less about Manga but if it’s the only way to make an anime then I’d have to make a manga first :/) is I think, what is really making me draw more. Hope you like my pictures and expect to see more =]