We’ll you’ll finally see some art from me ^^ Well just one piece but they’ll be more coming ;] So here it is:

Of course this is done traditionally as you can see, its been a LONG time since I colored so that’s why it probably looks like that. I would love to do digital art but I don’t have the fancy programs (Nor skill) to create those kind of artwork yet, so its just pencil and paper for now ^^

Now for who the heck these characters are, to the left you have my favorite gundam which is Throne Zwei and the guy on the right is my new OC (original character) I’m currently coming up with ^^ I originally made this for a challenge on theOtaku and the challenge was for new members to show off their talent, this isn’t my best but thought it was still submittable. I was gonna make Throne Zwei just kinda there (at an angle) and my OC standing on its shoulder but i couldn’t get everything right so just decided to draw the faces.

Throne Zwei was just thrown in there to add to the cool factor. My OC is the main purpose of the drawing. I’m gonna try to create my own anime (maybe >.>) So he is the main character, I have the female lead as well (which I’ll reveal later) but still needs work. I had trouble deciding the hair/eye color of him, but after a few version I quickly did on some cheap program, I think black hair and blue eyes work best. Here’s the final version I decided to give him: (though after deciding I found out he does look like he could pass as Black rock shooters brother ^^’)

I’m still coming up with his design like his outfit, name(lol) and other things but I’ll try to keep you updated. If you got any name ideas for him drop a  comment,but it has to do with my blog title, might help you come up with one ^^ As for the blog itself, I decided to now proceed on making it more active, I’ve finally gave up on my figure.fm approval status and will now make more post for the few that are reading, see you guys soon!