Hey just a little update on what I’ve been doing.

I’ve created a new page called “Currently watching” which basically is what it is, anime I’m currently watching ^^ so check that if you haven’t, other things I’ve been doing is getting the feel of wordpress again, seems like ages since I last used it so I’ve been messing with stuff and what not. The theme I’m using doesn’t allow a sidebar which I’m really bummed about but it still looks sweet and I like the orange accents here and there, goes good with my banner ^^But the blogroll and cats (categories) are at the footer so if your lost go there.

I want to post some anime reviews up but I want figure.fm’s feed to go up first(which is currently pending still >.>), so I can get the most out of the post. So far most don’t know I even exist so hopefully when that goes up I can start getting this blog to what it should be for you guys =] Check back often and if you want your blog to be added to my blogroll, shout out ;] I can’t leave you guys empty handed so here’s a gif. I created real quick with Sakura and O gundam ^^